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Harambee Tales: books in the .LIT format
"Uteshi wa mtoto ni anga la nyumba" - " The laughter of a child are the foundation of a house" (Swahili proverb)

Microsoft Reader

The E-books in the .LIT format was developed by Microsoft as a proprietary format and, even if abandoned in the creation of digital books, is still widespread.

Microsoft Reader is a Microsoft program for the reading of e-books in the .LIT (shortened from "LITerature") extension: is available for download from Microsoft as a free program for computers running Windows. It can also be used on a Pocket PC, where it has been built into the ROM since Windows CE 3.0. Microsoft Reader is not supported on newer Windows Phone 7 devices, but it is compatible with Windows Mobile.
The notable features of Microsoft Reader are ClearType for increased readability on small screens, highlighting and doodling designed for quick note-taking, text notes, and searching. The PC version also has an optional plugin for text-to-speech, enabling books to be read out loud.


Download Microsoft Reader (3,63 Mb)
downloadDownload Reader Works (820 Kb), an add-on that can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Word to create .LIT extension e-books. This software is not fully compatible with latest releases of Office Microsoft Word.

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