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Harambee Tales: Atieno & Adhiambo
"Majuto ni mjukuu" - " Regret always comes too late" (Swahili proverb)

Atieno & Adhiambo

This Ebook of the Harambee Tales aims at spreading the knowledge of the Luo’s culture, settled on the shores of Victoria Lake in Kenya.
The publishing of Atieno and Adhiambo has a very significant meaning for the Harambee project as it comes from the collaboration among Italian schools and those of the Gwassi region.
The tale, sent to Italy by Margaret A. Ongombeh (Kenya Project Manager), is different because its characters are only human beings: two sisters, one is good and the other is bad, who remind us the tale of Cinderella, and a wise uncle who tries the two girls. It's similar to the tales of the European tradition, above all in the happy ending with the reward of the good sister.
Everybody can see the same strand that links all the peoples towards a fairer life. We must work to make the dreams of the tales real and to give to the Italian and African young generations the hope of a “better world”.
The vivid and bright illustrations by Flavia Maggioni are a new contribution to a mutual enrichment because of their elegant female figures and their attention to the Luo’s culture.

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