Nyandiwa calls Italy: Italy answers!

Harambee Gwassi Kenya: traditions and curiosities"Elimu ni maisha, si vitabu" - "You learn from life, not from books" (Swahili proverb)

Ramogi Luo dance

In this section you will find lots of information on the origins, customs and traditions of the Luo community that lives in the province of Gwassi. In addition to music, recipes and trivia, we have collected songs and slideshows of daily life and the evolution of our project.

The Project for Educational Exchange between Italians and Kenyan schools is plans to "work together" to meet and share knowledge, photos, drawings, research, games and traditions. Children and school children of the plain of Nyandiwa present in these pages interesting "pictures" of everyday life, illustrated by photographs, drawings and stories of their traditional heritage.
moviesThe movie shows the visit of governmental authorities the impressive Mae tree, a holy place near the Nyandiwa Scout center, where some fossils interpreted as footprints of the old fisherman Mae (see the ancient legend of Nyangondho, in section Ebooks & fables).

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