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Luo Traditionals Instruments Kenya "Ihsani huandama imani" - "Kindness is the first of trust" (Swahili proverb)

Among the wind instruments (called AEROPHONES because they produce sounds with a vibration of air column) used by the Luo tribe, one of the most traditional is the Abu Bieng: pumpkin pieces made ​​of various forms, is played standing and asked to blow with great force to emit sounds. The horn-tung is widespread and produce different notes depending on the position of the hand of the player, that covers the final and most extended of the horn.Abu Bienghorn-tung












The Oporo is a buffalo horn decorated with multicolored beads that will sound particularly strong: it is rather difficult to play, before its use was passed down from father to son and was used to communicate over long distances. Then there are the ndwero, a thin deer horn that produces a softer sound and the flute, a small flute with six holes: the feasts are often played together, forming a small orchestra.

orutuAmong the string instruments, the violin orutu is a kind of fairly simple, with a single rope placed on a piece of wood stuck on a tube and stretched over a wooden bridge at the other end. He plays with a small bow made ​​with a curved stem of a tree called "bond ", which is first rubbed on a special rubber resin.

The niatiti is a kind of Lira consists of a wooden crate risonanaza vacuum skin covered with eight strings, which are played in pairs. In the past were made up of tendons of animals, are now made ​​of plastic or wire sisal. E 'is a tool to build and to play and traditionally is used only in very special occasions.

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