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Harambee Gwassi Kenya: our Schools"Akili ni mali" - "Knowledge is power" (Swahili proverb)

Childrens old classroom

Educational Project

Improve the level of education is a great and continuous work, indeed, the main purpose of Project is to promote the self-development and the empowerment of the local community, through educational actions, with full respect of human dignity and the experience of local population. Not just "aid", but all the actions that we promote aim to get involved the local community directly, in the autonomous management of the realizations.
For this the first interventions were aimed at basic schools, to give everyone the opportunity to study: now every village has a school supported by the Kenyan government and the community.
Graduation 2013The reconstruction of Kitawa School, collapsed in 2010, was completed with the help of volunteers and supporters.
The graduates of IKSDP Teachers Training College are more and more, some of them were really the children who attended school in built in the early years of the project!
With them & the Italian schools have made the African storybooks and eBook we would like to reactivate soon:
Since February, we're experiencing the Italian Courses for the IKSDP College staff, on E-learning Platform OpenEdu: the courses began with Elisa and Alberto, assisted remote from other teachers in Italy (Loredana, Vita and Nino). They will continue online and, in Nyandiwa, with Francesca and Silvia during the summer, and then be extended to the students of the College.
Contact us for information: harambee@conquistaweb.it

The GWASSI Schools

TTC IKSDP Teachers Training College Nyandiwa Pre School Scout Center
Kikubi Primary School Kiwa Primary School
Kisaku Primary School Kimange Primary School
Nyenga Primary School Kimoro Primary School
Kitawa Pre School and Primary School Pundo Primary School
Miramba Primary School God Bura Secondary School

letters from Italian schools

Educational Exchange Project

The Educational Exchange project between Italian and Kenyan schools was established in 1999, conducted according to the methodology Harambee twinning and collaborative with the common goal of "working together", to meet and exchange knowledge and traditions.

Communicating via e-mail in English, to meet and share knowledge, photos, drawings, research, games and traditions. A path of mutual understanding which is based on the richness of diversity leads to very different realities closer to each other and share resources in a concrete way Margaret in Italia(texts, stories, drawings, photos, games, movies, songs, and research).
The activities launched in 2000 have expanded over time, involving many Italian primary and secondary Schools.12 Kenyan schools and more than 10,000 children in twin classes. Today the exchange is intended to involve students and even new classes of Italian teachers in the first person to collaborate in training activities that take place with increasing success in Teachers Training College.
The aim is
the exchange of educational materials (experiences and learning units, worksheets, texts and tested paths), to provide a basis for development of E-learning Center being built with the help of some University Italian and Kenyan.

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