Nyandiwa calls Italy: Italy answers!

Harambee Gwassi Kenya: Kiwa island"The earth and the water we have, not have been given by our fathers, but borrow it from our children" (Swahili proverb)


Surrounded by a big lake like a sea ...

Kiwa is a small fishing island opposite the peninsula of Nyandiwa in the province of Gwassi (Suba region) is reached with a local boat, with its characteristic long and narrow shape; iIn are usually motor, but can also be ride with a long oar pushed by hand. The fishermen instead use the dhows, the traditional sailing boats triangular.

The medical dispensary of Kiwa is a great help for immediate treatment with a decent supply of drugs, prevention of infectious diseases and so many health problems facing the island. As in other clinics, it would require a greater number of medical and paramedical staff, but as the teacher says Collins, island life was much more difficult before the clinic: the patients had to be transported by sea on dry land, where necessary find a way to get to the nearest health center. The school has improved the living conditions: houses several hundred of students and 11 teachers.
Here: drawings sent from students to friends of Italian schools and the tale "The girl who married a Parrot".

Kiwa landscape

Kiwa School













Kiwa landscape                                                                    Kiwa school

photo from Agnese photo from Agnese from a mom
Crocodile, Zacharia, 8 year old fishing boat, Maurice, 10 years old The girl who married a Parrot
Fisherman fishing boats at Kiwa Italy - Kenya friendship
Fisherman and fishing boats at Kiwa Italy - Kenya friendship

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