Nyandiwa calls Italy: Italy answers!

Harambee Gwassi Kenya: IKSDP Internet Point"Haraka haraka haina baraka" "Rush rush doesn't lead to bounty" (Swahili proverb)

Computers on the Savannah

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The New technologies are a major instrument for economic and social development and to reduce the gap of technology and expertise, that prevents the population of Gwassi the access to communication services. The Digital Divide is a problem faced by time. The issues involved are the technology, the lack of networks and software, the inability to use the network and computers.

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Every day, our Internet Point of Nyandiwa attracts many people from nearby villages and from across the region: have computers, two printers and a photocopier, powered by solar panels. While before it was necessary to take a long trip to find these services, our specialized staff helps the visitors to use the network and the Internet Mail service. The population of Nyandiwa shows great interest in the services offered to the public, especially administrative and commercial use: in the Internet Point you can write and print a variety of documents, make photocopies and Fax.The landscape of Nyandiwa dominated by the satellite dish of the Scout Centre, has changed: the dream of The computers in the savannah has become real and attracts people from all over the District!

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