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Harambee Tales: A day with the Gwassi children
"Atangaye na jua hujuwa" - " Whoever wander a lot every day, learn a lot" (Swahili proverb)

Harambee Tales

A day with the Gwassi children is a "true story" that tells, in pictures, the lives of children of the peninsula Nyandiwa and habits of the inhabitants of this region. It's a book in PDF colorful and interesting, not a fairy tale but... it reads like a fairy tale!
More than a hundred photos of various sizes, accompanied by brief comments in Italian and English, make up a book aimed at children of Italian schools and all those A day with Gwassi childrenwho wish to learn more about the daily life of this area.
An instrument of knowledge to discover everyday situations presented with the spontaneous language of children: when scrolling, you can imagine living a day with the children Luo, sharing their hardships and their happiness.

Even the photographs are the result of "Harambee", a job shared by all: some are images taken by Italian friends visiting the schools, some teachers have been sent by the Kenyans.
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