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Harambee Gwassi Kenya: Kitawa new school"La leo litende leo" - "Do today what's to do today" (Swahili proverb)

The new SchoolKitawa is a small fishing village which lies about 6 km from Nyandiwa, in a rural area on the shores of Lake Victoria, which is reached through a dirt track, impracticable in the rainy seasons. The main activity of the people is fishing, practiced with limited systems: to overcome the long periods of drought that make farming difficult in the area was started the Project Environment and Development.

The reconstruction of Kitawa school

The old school, two buildings of mud and stones, collapsed in The new classroom2010 during the rainy season and since then we proceed to the reconstruction with stone walls and tin roof (Estimated cost: € 30,000). In 2014 the classrooms are completed with the floors, the windows and the furniture.

The works have been realized thanks to the contributions of the Harambee Group of Lonate Pozzolo (VA), the Comprehensive Institute of Oppido Mamertina (Calabria for Harambee), the Second Life for Kenya group and other donated funds. Even the local community, in the spirit new classroom basementof Harambee, has contributed by labor and materials.
For Educational Activities, an agreement collaborative with the Teachers Training College, provides for a systematic exchange between teachers and students of the College.

We trust in the help of friends and collaborators of Harambee Project to get to complete the entire reconstruction!

Many thanks to all the benefactors from the Brownsea Foundation and Kitawa community: follow us the Community in Second Life to contribute to future works!

The collapse of 2010
In October 2010, a very violent rainy season caused the collapse of the old school, consisting of two buildings of mud on which was underway a partial reconstruction, with the support of the Kenyan Government and the local community.

The Photos are significant to understanding the dramatic situation of children and how it was urgent to build a new building more solid, of stone and metal roof.

Old Kitawa School

Old Kitawa School














Old Kitawa SchoolChildren who'll be in new classroom

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