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Kenya Harambee Gwassi: Irrigation Project
"Haba na haba hujaza kibaba" - "Little by little, the container/pot gets filled" (Swahili proverb)

Nyandiwa Irrigation ProjectEach year in Kenya alternating periods of torrential rains for long seasons of drought, making it impossible for any cultivation, lack of fresh produce and therefore does not allow the grass to feed livestock. Sometimes they appear in the sky, big clouds, but they move, as usual, the mountains of Uganda, mocking the hopes of the population, who remain convinced that the "driver of the rain" (God) has forgotten about them ... Moreover, because the drought lowered water levels of Lake Victoria (the only resource in case of drought) and the increase in the number of crocodiles,making it extremely dangerous for fishermen.

In these periods the only source of drinking water is the aqueduct of the Scout Centre, active throughout the region, but the need for farming and ranching are Impianto di irrigazionedramatic! In this context it was clear the fundamental importance of achieving an Irrigation Project in the Nyandywa plain through the water of the lake, started in 2007 with the collaboration of a company specializing in the field.
The system now provides for the withdrawal of lake water with electric pumps, powered by a generator, capable of irrigating the area Kitawa for the cultivation of jatropha and vegetables.
In the near future, we hope to expand cultivation and then entrust them to the direct management of local farmer cooperatives.

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