Nyandiwa calls Italy: Italy answers!

IKSDP - Nyandiwa College: Computer Courses"Uteshi wa mtoto ni anga la nyumbai" - "Kid's smile it's the home foundations" (Swahili proverb)

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The New technologies are a major instrument for economic and social development and to reduce the gap of technology and expertise, that prevents the population of Gwassi the access to communication services. The Digital Divide is a problem faced by time. The issues involved are the technology, the lack of networks and software, the inability to use the network and computers.

Internet PointThe IKSDP Teachers Training College aims to gradually overcome the Digital Divide to help improve the lives and work. Computer courses are intended both to the citizens of both the students of 'Nyandiwa Teachers College'.
Our laboratory is equipped with computers, printer, scanner, video-projector and solar panels: even if Nyandiwa, for some time, there is the electricity network, the supply is intermittent and costs remain high.
Here are also held the workshops in Computer Science, with the aim of developing e-learning project, being developed through collaboration with some Italian Universities and Kenyan. See also activities of Internet Point.

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