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Harambee Gwassi Kenya: Social Hall"Radhi ni bora kuliko mali" - "Blessings are better than wealth" (Swahilproverbi)

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The Social Hall and the outdoor arena are the structures of the Community Center Scout Nyandiwa dedicated to meetings, to religious and civil ceremonies, parties (the music festival is held there and dances of the region), at conferences, to graduation and meetings of groups that request it. The Social Hall is composed of a large covered amphitheater with 500 seats, has bathroom facilities and a field kitchen in the immediate vicinity. Every summer there are works of maintenance, safety measures and beautification of the structure and, given the large number of participants and frequency of meetings, was built a "space-craft," to give shelter from sun and rain to participants in the rallies, which for now can only use the outdoor kitchen and two hostels (ten rooms each comfortably furnished and sanitation) to accommodate the students of the Teachers Training College and the Meeting participants in the Social Hall.
There are many associations, local institutions, regional and national, religious and youth groups who use the spaces and structures. The services that the Social Hall, the arena and hostels are able to offer also allow you to achieve a good cash flow for the other activities of the Center.

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