Nyandiwa calls Italy: Italy answers!

Harambee Gwassi Kenya: Ongoing projects"From a large sea separated, but with a same thought: working together to improve our schools"

Kitawa school collapsed



Kitawa: Rebuilding schools

The October rains have caused the collapse of the old Kitawa School: it's urgent to rebuild it with stone walls and tin roof. Follow the Second Life Community to help us or sending sending even small contributions!!!

arrowKitawa: Environment & Development project
experimental cultivation of Jatropha.

arrowKitawa: Natural-didactic Park

arrowNyandiwa Teachers Training College


IKSDP Sport Centre

arrowIrrigation Project in the Nyandiwa plain


Nyandiwa Creative Center: Crafts and tailoring


Great Italy 150 years": between 150 selected photos, on page 72 is our Project Harambee!

arrow2011: 20th Anniversary of Gwassi Aqueduct
arrow2011: 50th Anniversary Foundation Brownsea

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