Nyandiwa calls Italy: Italy answers!

The Lake Victoria"La leo litende leo" - "Do today what is to do today" (Swahili proverb)

Dhow sul lago Vittoria

The Lake Victoria (68,870 km ²) is the largest in Africa and the third of the world (second on how freshwater lake and the largest such basin tropical), although relatively shallow (maximum 82 meters). It's formed by the White Nile, the longest tributary of the Nile and is located on the plateau's western Rift Valley; the largest area belongs to Tanzania and Uganda, and Kenyan is only 6%, with shores largely uninhabited . The ecological problem of the water is very serious for the lack of filters in waste and exploitation caused by fishing: this causes the extinction of many species of fish, which are essential for the survival of the inhabitants of the region, one of the most populated of the earth (about 140 inhabitants per km ²).

The project area is located in the province of South Nyanza (in Swahili "South of the Lake") and on the coasts of the peninsula Nyandiwa inhabitants live mainly by fishing; the waters of the lake are quite transparent, but the significant organic pollution promotes abnormal spread of water hyacinth, that forms a thick layer on its surface, and crocodiles, which makes it dangerous to navigation (in the drawing Zacharia, age 8, shows the attack of a crocodile to a fisherman).

Disegno Coccodrillo, Zacharia, 8 anni

pesci del lago












Every day, Luo go out on the lake with the characteristics triangular sail boats called Dhow and among the species most caught the better is the Tilapia, called Ngege and tiny fish called "Omena", which are dried in the sun, to be preserved and sold.

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