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Republic of Kenya: Hydrographic"Elfu huanzia moja" - "Thousands are starting from one" (Swahili proverb)

Lago Vittoria da Nyandiwa

The rivers in Kenya are few and vary in scope depending on the season, during the warmer months dry up almost completely, while in the rainy season are full of water, this is a disadvantage for the navigation which is also made difficult by rapid or jumps linked to the particular morphology of the country.
The main ones are only two, the Tana, the only fairly navigable, and the Galana: both flow into the Indian Ocean.

Among the great lakes, there are the Turkana, formerly Lake Rudolf with brackish waters and numerous islands, the Nakuru and the Naivasha. The Lake Victoria belongs to Kenya only in part, divided between Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda and Tanzania; on its shores rich in fish is Kisumu, Kenya's third biggest city (around 200,000 inhabitants).
Lake VictoriaThe Lake Victoria with its 68,000 sq km. is the largest of the African continent and is located in the lower part of the plateau west, is also the largest tropical freshwater lake in the world. It has a rounded shape with flat, sandy shores; is shallow (maximum 82 meters) and its waters are quite clear, despite the high organic pollution, which favors the abnormal spread of crocodiles . Another environmental problem is related to the proliferation of water hyacinth, which forms a thick layer on its surface: this situation is hindering the transport, fisheries, hydroelectric power generation and the supply of drinking water.The basin is inhabited by Luo people who arrived from Sudan in the 15th century and today are the third largest ethnic group in Kenya.

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