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Harambee Gwassi Kenya: the origins of the project"Harambee" - "We work together with a common and disinterested effort" (Swahili exhortation from fishermen to pull the nets)

huts on the Victoria lake

The spirit of Harambee

The Harambee project Gwassi-Kenya, called IKSDP (Italian Kenyan Scout Project Development), started between 1971 and 1983, when some volunteers Brownsea Scout Foundation arrived in South Nyanza and discovered a fact always ignored by international aid.

The people had lost contact with their traditions, agriculture and livestock breeding were virtually impossible for the severe climatic difficulties, fishing equipment and limited by the absence of trade. The lack of roads, drinking water, electricity and polluted water from Lake Victoria, condemned the people to certain death from hunger and endemic diseases (the presence of HIV infection is still high). Since then, inspired by the Scout method, volunteers from the Brownsea Foundation decided to share efforts and works with the local population, excluding interventions in the care, but by promoting initiatives that seek self-development. The social and vocational training, schools, buildings for the community always link to the empowerment and autonomy and cover an area of ​​approximately 200,000 km ², with diversified aid targeted at more than 50,000 people.

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