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Harambee Calendar Jewel Case
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Calendar Jewel Case Instructions

Harambee Calendar Jewel Case version

Harambee Calendar table-version is very easy to make: an ecological and lovelyobject do-it-yourself, to display your calendar in a CD jewel case.

  • 1) Prepare the jewel case. You can recycle one of your existing jewel cases: first, gently remove the door of the jewel case, flip it around, and put it back on.

2) Then remove the cover insert. You can remove the back insert by gently prying up the disc tray.
CD calendar3) Download the calendar and print it so that it is 4.75 inches wide (12 centimeters). This is 150 PPI if you savvy PPI. Calendars look best when printed on heavy matte photo paper.
4) Final assembly: cut out the printed calendar and insert it into your jewel case.
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