Nyandiwa calls Italy: Italy answers!

Hystory of Project in Second Life"Also the actions in a virtual world can inspire the spirit of Harambee: to work together" (SL proverb)

Harambee Shop of Milan University of Study (Italy)

Harambee Shop in 'Pesca' isle

A group of researchers from the Department of Information and Communication (Milan University, Italy) began an Italian community in Second Life, with space for debate, training master's degrees. In December 2007, we proposed to organize a Charity Market, in Pesca Island, to test the possibility of selling virtual items to fundraising the Harambee Gwassi-Kenya project. So began our adventure in 3D World: a happy experience in which all learned together ... Unfortunately, once the Department of Information and Communication has closed its island due to Kids Pictures exhibitlack of research funding!! Finish the lessons and the Master's degrees in the Metaverse (which we hope to resume sooner or later!), we decided to continue the charitable activities at our own expense in Bunny Isles. Since then, the accomplishments and appreciation accompany us even if we remember nostalgically the time shared with our University friends. Thanks to the researchers at the Department of Computer Science and Communication (University of Milan) and in particular: Draghetta Jewell, who led us to start this adventure and Blue Meili, for his support and great care! (Loredana Loring)

Historical Photos: the first Harambee Shop, the group-invention of Mystery stories, the children's drawings Exhibit at 'Arte Libera' dedicated to the project; the first Poetry Contest and the conference "Literature and Science" of Science on the road, a tour exhibit of Second Physics and Immersiva.2Life for the dissemination Physics and Science between the Italian community of Second Life and Live Concerts "Rock 4 Kenya".

Poetry ContestScience on the road












Ventrue PartyArt Exhiibit at  Bunny Isles

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