Nyandiwa calls Italy: Italy answers!

Second Life: 1000 virtual Hearts united for Harambee!
"Also the actions in a virtual world can inspire the spirit of Harambee: to work together" (SL proverb)


The Donations

7th Donation for IKSD Harambee SchoolsA school built with Linden Dollars? An Elearning project for the IKSDP Kenya College? Yes, we can!

It's wonderful, the 'Second Life' community contributes to a very important project and the virtual money has turned into real actions to Brownsea no-profit Foundation :-)


At the end of December 2016 we donated a further 1000 UROS: Another goal reached which brings us to continue with passion to raise additional funds.

The fundamental resource is the constant collaboration with Italian and foreign friends,groups and land-partners that support us organizing artistic and cultural events. 6th Donation for IKSD Harambee Schools5th Donation for IKSDP Harambee Schools













4th Donation for IKSDP Harambee SchoolsDuring the year follow each other Fashion Shows, Concerts Live or animated by DJs, theme nights, Art Exhibits, Cultural events and Treasure Hunts attracting much public and many true friends, with significant donations for each evening.

Since 2010 have been paid 7.700 euros to the Brownsea Foundation, used to reconstruct the Kitawa schools and then for other educational activities that go with success!


Currently the aim is the expansion of IKSDP Educational Schools Project and IKSDP College.


Add to this the constant proceeds of virtual items sold in the Shop of Harambee in 'Bunny isles' and in MarketPlace, where we have three stores.

3th Donation for IKSDP Harambee SchoolsNot to mention the information that is spread over a large number of people, so that support the activities of the project directly, through bank transfers and 5 x 1000 in the tax return.

The fundraising, collected exclusively in Second Life, began in 2010, thanks to the great help of the Bunny Isles group, many Italian and strangers friends and Eddie Santillo (musician Testimonial with "Rock 4 Kenya Tour" until 2012).



THANK YOU to all those who help us and support us: we'll continue to work together, Harambee!

2nd Donation for IKSDP Harambee Schools

1th Donation for IKSD Harambee Schools




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