Nyandiwa calls Italy: Italy answers!

Harambee Gwassi in Second Life: our Testimonial "Also the actions in a virtual world can inspire the spirit of Harambee: to work together" (SL proverb)

EddieGuitarDagger Sheryffe

EddieGuitarDagger Sheryffe

EddieGuitarDagger Sheryffe is the 'stage name' of the musician Eddie Santillo, which has offered its willingness to support the "Harambee Kenya Gwassi" project in Second Life.

From the first concert (April 21, 2010) his idea proved successful: play live concerts to encourage participants to donate the Linden Dollars to the Gwassi Schools. After the first successes was decided to expand the initiative by launching a Great tour - which started in August 2010 - in various lands of Second Life (called SIM) Italian and foreign. The "Rock 4 Kenya", which consists of 2 hours of exciting live music, continued from land to land for 2 years, fundamental point of reference for fundraising.

A special thanks to our friend Eddie Santillo, more representative and available for the social causes of our Foundation! His artistic personality is multifaceted and covers different genres animating the musical and cultural events: explore the video to find out! He's currently working full time in Real Life, but hopefully he will be back before then to give us some concerts!

Together we can grow, pole pole (one step at a time) with the slow time of Africa: little by little, a little becomes a lot !!!

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